BBS Access

Target Audience


WinPack software in use

Our club station operates a radio bulletin board service. Callsign ZL1AB, it is located in the clubrooms.

The BBS has three operational ports using the AX25 packet protocol.

Frequency Speed Comment
144.65 MHz 1200 baud  
432.65 MHz 1200 baud  
438.3 MHz 9600 baud G3RUH modulation

The BBS uses G8PZT Xrouter software with the F6FBB BBS software. Messages can be left in the BBS for specific radio amateurs by callsign or bulletin messages for everyone to read. The FBB software provides ways or selecting messages by address header or subject name. Uploading and downloading of computer files is also supported. 

Donations are gratefully accepted for the upkeep and improvement of the equipment:

Account Name NSRC
Bank BNZ
Account Number 02-0112-0038804-00