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Amateur Radio - New Zealand

NZ Nets

PSK Reporter






ZCL Radio Club

Musick Point Radio

AREC DMR Repeater Network

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Amateur Radio - General


Training , information and encouragement for new and not so new hams. Although some of it pertains to American conditions, a lot is relevant anywhere in the world amateur radio community.

There are heaps of useful links to radio theory topics and to sites dealing with general interest, ham radio suppliers, antenna information, repeaters and propagation.

-- ZL1RO

ZL4KF — Ken France

Ken has an interesting to read personal history and here there are links to NZART and Sister organisations, also links to many suppliers of Amateur Radio equipment.

-- ZL1RO

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Amateur Radio - Technical/Reference

DX Zone - Amateur Radio Antenna Projects

A good antenna Web Site -- ZL4AG

I personally find DX Zone hard to navigate. It often seems to turn up results with little context or ability to research the original author's references. However the site does link to an extraordinary amount of useful stuff. On this one I defer to experience. Thanks for the link Ralph. -- ZL1FAT

A guide for Pi-Star

A PDF I came across for setting up multiple DMR Networks on Pi-Star


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You're probably familiar with it. The place is pretty legendary if you're interested in electronics. It's always busy, and there are a heap of helpful people hanging around. All the help and advice you could wish for, pretty much.

It's run by Dave Jones over in Sydney. He also has a popular YouTube channel. Which you've also probably seen.


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Topic: Electronics Resources - YouTube - Websites hosted on EEVBlog

A few guys have been curating a list of YouTube resources over at the EEVBlog forum. It's pretty comprehensive. It belongs on a wiki, but that falls outside the skillset of the list maintainers. It is what it is. And it is good.


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Introductory Electronics

Residential Electrical Circuits

Although it's written for the US, it does a great job of explaining electrical circuits and has a ton of other electronics/engineering projects to play with!

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Radio Spectrum Management

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) is a business unit of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and is responsible for efficiently and effectively managing the radio spectrum, including allocating rights for the use of the spectrum, and enforcing compliance with the requirements to ensure legitimate users are able to enjoy their rights.

Callsign search

Use this to identify your fellow Kiwi hams.

Frequency search

Identify the licensed user of a particular frequency.

General User Radio Licence

The GURL. Your Amateur radio operator's licence.

Table of Radio Spectrum Usage

The allocation of, and the type of use for, the radio spectrum in New Zealand.

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Other Clubs

Auckland VHF Group

The Auckland VHF Group promotes Amateur Radio in the Auckland Area. They hold regular meetings and events at their clubrooms in Hazel Ave., Mount Roskill. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting and see what Amateur Radio is all about.

Wellington VHF Group

The Wellington VHF Group is a club established to promote and encourage an interest in and generally to assist in the development of the science of Amateur and experimental radio. It provides the opportunity for like-minded individuals who share the same values to pursue an interesting hobby, and to share aspirations, knowledge, experience, and fellowship.

They also maintain a really handy map of NZ repeaters.

Lyndhurst STEM club

A US club whose goal is to bring awareness of STEM to girls in the Lyndhurst school district and hopefully inspire some to get involved with it.

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