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From the Radio Society of Great Britain

Amateur radio is a hobby with so many aspects it can be hard to describe – and difficult to know what to try first! We’ve tried to give a taster of just some of the many exciting, challenging and fun things you can do with amateur radio. We’re planning to take a look at other parts of the hobby in the future - what's your favourite?

From Essex Ham

A four minute overview of what today's UK amateur radio has to offer and how to get started. Features extracts from special events, ISS contacts, field days and a Foundation training course. Two and seven minute versions also available. More videos at

This short video provides an outline for those thinking of getting started in amateur radio, and gives some information on what to expect on a UK amateur radio Foundation training course. More details and the latest version can be found at

TX factor

TX Factor is a series of HD TV shows dedicated entirely to amateur radio.

In this episode they meet two youngsters with a passion for amateur radio, and Mike and Bob head off to Bristol to spend a day with some very enthusiastic members of the British Amateur Television Club to learn all about digital amateur television.

BBC News

In the face of the internet, mobiles and instant messaging you might expect the hobby of amateur radio - or HAM radio as it's also known - to be on the decline.

But in the last three years, the number of amateur radio licences has risen by over 8,000 - with 80,000 currently issued in the UK.

Using designated frequencies, amateur radio enthusiasts communicate with people over the world. Many prefer the relaxed approach of 'rag chewing' or chatting at length with people, who often become friends - while at the opposite end of the spectrum 'contesters' compete to make as many contacts as possible in a given period.

The hobby is also a public service, with Raynet (in the UK) stepping in during emergencies when regular communication networks fail.