Check your details and status

If you want to check your financial status or confirm that we have your contact details and preferences up to date, you can use the form below to request a copy. The process is entirely automatic, and if we find a matching email address on file you will get an email within a minute or two.

The email includes a personalised link to allow you to easily update your information.

If we don't have your email address, we have it incorrect, or you no longer have access to the email you originally gave us, you can not use this form. Instead, you should go over to the Update Details page and fill in a complete form to update your information.

At the bottom of the email you'll find a link to a pre-filled form which you can use to:

  • Update your email and postal addresses.
  • Opt in or out of receiving the newsletter and email communication.
  • Provide some feedback to the committee.
  • Help the club out by answering a couple of brief survey questions.
  • Have your details removed from our membership list.

Your club is always looking for interesting ways to keep members engaged and active. If you need to update your details anyway, please consider taking a moment to answer the survey questions. We'd like to know more about what interests you most about the hobby, what you'd like to learn more about, and anything else you'd like the club to help with.

Enter your email address in the form below. If we have it on file you'll get a response in a minute or two.

How does my data get updated?

It's not really all that sophisticated, you fill in a Google form and that puts your answers in a spreadsheet for us. When you submit it the person maintaining our members' details will copy and paste from there into the membership list. Since a human looks over this information before doing anything with it, we can spot issues before they escalate. For instance, if you've made a mistake or something you can just send another form and say so in the comments.

Every time somebody submits the form we get an email so we know to follow up on it.

To protect against potential abuse each member is assigned a unique security code. The simplicity of the system means the form has to be open to the whole world to use; if someone knew your callsign and name they could pretend to be you. The code is not a password, it's just a unique code that we assigned to you. We manually check that what you entered matches the one we created.

My hope is that this proves to be better than nothing. At the moment it's the best I can think of for free. In time I might learn how I can automate this a bit more using free tools, or we might decide it's worth while spending a few dollars a year for an altogether better system. — ZL1FAT