Club Equipment and Operating Room

HF Operating position
One of the operating positions with UHF PRS, 144/432MHz  amateur and HF radios.


ZL1TUQ using CD radio
Alan, ZL1TUQ checking in with Community Response Groups on the Auckland Emergency Management Civil Defence VHF radio network.


North Shore Radio Club (Branch 29 NZART)  has a fully equipped radio room available for use by members and visiting amateurs at our clubrooms.

 The room, which also serves as base for the Auckland Emergency Management Civil Defence VHF radio network, has been newly renovated. It has a large operating bench with built in mains and 12v DC power supplies.

Equipment includes amateur HF, VHF and UHF radios and a selection of antennas mounted on a tilt-over tower.

The club owns an Icom IC718 HF transceiver, two Icom ID5100 VHF/UHF radios with DSTAR digital capability, several VHF mobile FM radios, and a UHF PRS radio.

We have two Diamond X50 dual band VHF/UHF antennas mounted on the roof, a dual band VHF/UHF colinear and a VHF colinear mounted at the top of a 20-metre tower with excellent coverage of the Auckland region from our hilltop location. For HF we have a broadband terminated dipole covering all HF bands mounted in an inverted V configuration 20 metres high.

As well as the amateur equipment the room has four Tait Civil Defence VHF FM radios operating on the Emergency Services B band (138-144MHz) a Civil Defence Barrett 2050 HF SSB radio, and an ICOM ICF7000 HF radio owned by the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications group. This is programmed for use on a range of amateur, commercial land mobile and Search and Rescue HF frequencies. This radio is capable of operating in SSB and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) modes.

Antenna Mast
Aaron ZL1FAT, Malcolm ZL1MIT and Terrance ZL1BTS working on the antenna systems.


ZL1AUW  using CD HF radio
Alan ZL1AUW operating the Civil Defence HF radio, ZKC36


The radio room is available for use whenever the clubroom is being used for amateur radio meetings or activities, and access can be organised for members who want to operate at other times by arrangement with a committee member.

New amateurs or potential amateurs are encouraged to make use of the equipment.


Here is some of the equipment available for use by members in our operating room


Icom IC718 HF transceiver
Icom IC718 HF transceiver for general amateur radio use in SSB, CW and HF digital modes
Icom ID5100 VHF/UHF FM/DSTAR transceiver
We have two Icom ID5100 VHF/UHF FM/DSTAR transceivers for general amateur radio use


Motorola GM300 VHF FM Transceiver
Morotola GM300 12 channel VHF FM transceiver. Five radios are available for loan to licensed club members


Icom ICF7000 HF Transceiver
Icom ICF 7000 used for AREC and Search and Rescue operations.
Barrett 2050 HF transceiver
Barrett 2050 HF transceiver used for long range Civil Defence communications.
Tait TM8115 VHF FM transceiver
Four Tait TM8115  FM transceivers for Civil Defence use on the Auckland Emergency Management VHF radio network
SDR# software for RTL-SDR Dongle
Software for use with Software Defined Receivers


RTL-SDR Software defined receiver dongl
Wideband software defined radio receiver



Two TM8200 transceivers (one VHF and one UHF) for use on Civil Defence, AREC, SAR and general amateur channels


Yaesu FT857 HF/VHF/UHF portable/mobile transceiver for Civil Defence, SAR and AREC field use


Motorola APX8500 VHF/UHF Analogue/Digital transceiver for use on Civil Defence channels