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Chairman Graham Barton 027 568 1940 chairman (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website)
Vice Chairman Dennis Thornton   vice-chair (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website)


  secretary (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website)
Emergency Andy Brill Listen on Klondyke 146.6250 arec (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: AREC%20Enquiry%20from%20website)


Training Vaughan Henderson 021 844 804 training (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Ham%20training%20enquiry%20from%20website)
Newsletter Henry Falkner   editor (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: 29-ER%20enquiry%20from%20website)
Exams To schedule a GAOC examination or for information about the examination procedure.   exams (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Examination%20enquiry%20from%20website)
Finance & Subs Can't remember if your subs are due? Want to send a donation? Need to correct your contact details?   treasurer (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website)

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Where we have members that are interested in hearing from other clubs, they are subscribed to the list newsletters (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Club-Name%20Newsletter, body: Howdy%20Branch%2029%20members%2C%20here's%20our%20branch%20newsletter.) . Please use that address for your mailings. All posts to that list are moderated and may take a day or two to be released.

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North Shore Civil Defence Centre, 
400 East Coast Rd, 
Auckland   0630

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