Loan Radios

Your club has some radios especially for members to borrow.

Who's eligible?

All members are welcome to use this facility, but our preference is to loan these radios to new hams so they can get themselves on the air and start enjoying our hobby.

The radios are loaned on a first come first served basis, but we typically have some available. In the event that there's a waiting list we'll first ask existing borrowers if anyone is interested in returning theirs and if that fails, we'll ask for the oldest loan back. This has never happened though.

Does it cost anything?

It costs $10.00 per month. Think of it as a gratuity and incentive to use the radio and become involved in the hobby. The loan radios were donated and programmed by members, but things do break and maintenance is required. The club is a non-profit organisation, but with our low turnover, a few extra dollars is literally the difference between the loan radio pool succeeding or failing.

We also require a $50.00 bond, which you'll obviously get back when you return the radio.

How do I get my hands on one of these radios?

That's easy! Simply show up to our next meeting and make yourself known to a committee member. We'll arrange your radio find someone to help you get set up and on the air.

What radios are available to borrow?

We have five Motorola GM300s

The GM300 is an in vehicle 25 Watt dash mount VHF transceiver. It comes with everything you need to get started: A microphone, magnetic mount antenna, and power cord with cigarette lighter adapter. It's no spring chicken, but it gets the job done.


Motorola GM300 Radio
Image via adisolo416

These are mature but reliable radios, with 16 channels pre-programmed with local Auckland repeaters and offsets. As such they are ideal for new hams.

We also have a Kenwood TR-7730

This is similar to the Motorolas above but requires slightly more knowledge to operate as the repeater offsets are not programmable. There are instructions clearly written on the radio.


Kenwood TR-7730 Radio
Image via universal-radio

It is supplied with a photocopied user manual, microphone, magnetic mount antenna, and power cord with cigarette lighter adapter.