From the Archives

Here are a few articles we've salvaged from the mists of time for your entertainment.

In August 1989, after a succession of personal packet radio BBSes had opened and closed in the Auckland area, Branch 29 decided that in the interests of continuity it would establish and maintain a station for the use of all amateurs in the Auckland area. Thus it was that the ZL1AB BBS opened in the Branch 29 clubroom at Kennedy Park, Castor Bay.

To honour three of its members who between them have been active radio amateurs for over a century and a half, Branch 29 recently held a social evening. The trio are ZL1AC, Len Spackman, first licenced in 1923; ZL1APZ, Alan Evans and ZL1HQ, Bert Batty, licenced in 1924.

Back in 1969, Bert walked us through the club history, starting with our humble beginnings in 1935.

From 1934 until 1950 the North Shore Branch went without its own clubrooms. Read how our early members raised money and built our first premises.