Women and Amateur Radio (WARO)



By Rosemary ZL1RO

Many YL's (young ladies) become interested in Amateur Radio through their Oms or partners involvement in the hobby and progress on to sitting the examination and getting on the air. Most enjoy talking on the air to YLs and Oms in ZL or overseas and many long lasting friendship have been made over the years. There are several licenced YLs who are members of Branch 29. There are also some non-transmitting YLs who come along to the monthly branch meetings with their Oms. Any interested woman is welcome to join Branch 29 as either a transmitting or on transmitting member.

Women take a full part in many aspects of Amateur Radio such as committee work and standing for NZART Executive. They are often heard during Car Rallys, Horse Endurance events, AREC and Civil Defence exercises etc. helping with communications.

WARO is the New Zealand organisation for Women Amateur Radio Operators, view their website here

Get togethers for YL's and their OM's are held several times a year in the wider Auckland area and all ladies are welcome to attend.