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You can't get involved if you don't know what we're doing! Keep an eye on this page for events and activities that might catch your interest.

At least some of the committee subscribe to, and depend on this calendar, to keep track of what's going on, so you can be sure that it's kept as up-to-date as possible.

Our get togethers are usually held at the clubrooms, exceptions will typically be described in the event detail.

Beware! There are entries here for other clubs too: There is a key underneath the calendar explaining how to decipher the colours, along with instructions for integrating this with your own email client/calendar.


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Emergency communications events and activities.
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Some other clubs have online calendars too. Contact the webmaster if you'd like yours added!


You can subscribe to these calendars with the calendar client of your choice. This article might help, otherwise you might try Googling for help. Try searching for "outlook subscribe to ical", or whatever your favourite calendar software is.

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North Shore Radio Club
NSRC Amateur Radio Emergency Communications - AREC
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