How to Join Our Club


Target Audience

Who can Join

Anyone is welcome to be a member of our club. If you share some interests with us, please consider getting involved. All that's required is a few bucks and a quick email to the secretary.


If you're attending one of our training weekends, you're eligible to have your first years' fees waived: Go ahead and join up as soon as you've paid your deposit! Make the most of the club members and facilities to get you through your exam.

Application Procedure

  1. Work out your membership type
  2. Apply in writing
  3. Pay your fees

Once we've processed your application we'll ask for a few details for our register of members. We're an incorporated society, so there are occasional formal reasons we may need to contact you, such as notification of special and annual general meetings.

Membership Types

We have two categories of membership.

  1. Full members are qualified amateur radio operators in New Zealand, and are members of our parent body NZART.
  2. Associate members can be anyone with an interest in radio, electronics, or anything else the club is involved with. If you're attending our training, this is you!

To be a full member you must hold a GAOC and maintain a current membership with NZART. You're welcome to join as an associate member if you don't meet these criteria. An associate membership is limited only in that associates may not vote (at, say, an AGM, but we do want you to be involved and we treat you like a full member!) or be officers of the club.

Obviously we do encourage our associates to attend our GAOC classes and get qualified though!

Application Letter

To join the club you are required to apply in writing the secretary (art) nsrc (dort) nz (subject: Membership%20Application) (the secretary). These days an email to will suffice. The following letter is here or your copy/paste pleasure. Please take advantage of it.

The Secretary
North Shore Radio Club,
North Shore Civil Defence Centre,
400 East Coast Rd,
Auckland 0630

Dear Sir,

I would like to become a member of your club, please give this formal application due consideration.

The full name by which I like to be known is ___________________________________

I acknowledge that full membership of the North Shore Radio Club requires me to maintain a current membership with NZART and hold a New Zealand General Amateur Operator’s Certificate; please consider my application for:  (Strike out as appropriate)

A. Full Membership

B. Associate Membership

Yours faithfully,



The Subscription year runs from 1st January through 31st December. Membership is continuous; there is no pro-rata rate. If you're a new member we'll make sure you get more than a couple of months for your membership fee.

  Individual Family
One Year $25.00 $30.00
Three Years $65.00 $80.00

Please pay by the appropriate membership fee by direct deposit. Our bank details:

Account Name NSRC
Bank BNZ
Account Number    02-0112-0038804-00

Remember to include your name and indicate you are new.